2 Scenarios In Which Security Guards Should Be Hired For An Event


Here are two scenarios in which those who'll be hosting events should seek out companies that have security guards for hire, and book a few of these professionals.

There will be one or more celebrities at the event

If there will be one or more celebrities at an event, those who'll be organising it should hire security guards for it. The reason for this is that virtually all celebrities have a substantial fanbase who keep track of and try to attend events where these famous people will be. If a celebrity's adoring fans show up at an event they're at, these fans may run up to them to ask for their autograph, try to hug them or ask them to take a photo with them. If a huge group of fans swarm around a celebrity at the event in their efforts to do these things, not only could that celebrity become overwhelmed but they or one of their fans could get pushed over and injured.

If however, the event organiser has hired security guards, these professionals can keep the celebrity's fans at arm's length. They can also ensure that if the celebrity agrees to take photos with their fans or sign autographs, this process is carried out in a calm, orderly way, with only one or two fans being allowed to approach this person at any one time. This will prevent the fans from creating a chaotic and hazardous situation for themselves and the celebrity.

The event will feature a performance that will occur in a publically accessible place

If an event will include a performance (such as a recital, a play or a ballet) in a publically accessible place, then those who'll be organising it must hire security guards for it. Although the guests who choose to come to this event will understand and respect the fact that those involved in the performance will need the audience to be silent in order for them to focus on the music or reciting their lines, there is a chance that in this public environment, random people could show up and disrupt the performance.

They might, for example, heckle the performers or throw things at them, or try to sing or dance along to the music when it's not appropriate to do so. If however, there are security guards nearby and something like this happens, these professionals will quickly pull these people aside and instruct them to leave. This could then minimise the length of time these members of the public spend spoiling the performance and reduce the likelihood of any of the performers becoming so upset or distracted that they cannot continue participating.


31 January 2023

Teaching my kids about security

At work we do lots of work on making sure the office stays safe. I try and teach some of those same lessons to the kids, like making sure we don't leave windows and doors open and that we lock the car doors when we come into the house. I don't want my kids to grow up paranoid, but I know it's much easier to maintain our home security if all of these little checks are automatic. I am keeping a track of all of the things I am teaching my kids about security on the site - and working out which lessons actually sink in! Read on and see how I'm going.