Why Back To Base Alarm Monitoring Makes Sense For So Many Busy Households


The safety and security of your family is no doubt always going to be a priority no matter where you live or how busy you are. The problem with so many different types of alarms is that they have no human connection to interpret what they mean. An alarm is binary: if it senses something that it is told it should alert you to, then it will. Sometimes you need that extra layer of help that comes from back to base monitoring to make sure that everything is okay. Here are a few reasons why that is especially important for busy households.

What Is Back To Base Monitoring?

Firstly, it is important to know what 'back to base' means. This is a phrase used by security companies that refers to all alarms, whether it be your regular front door alarm to smashed glass sensors, that connect to a third party. In this case, it's the security company. Whenever an alarm at your house goes off, they will get an alert immediately, and a real person will see this alert and react to it far quicker than you will be able to on your own.

Why It Is Helpful For Busy Households

If you are constantly out of the house at work during most days, or if you work from home in a more insulated part of the house, away from noise and distractions, then back to base monitoring can be your only way to find out if something is going wrong in the heat of the moment. If no one is there to hear the alarm or respond to the disturbance, then the consultants monitoring your alarm system will immediately call for the police. On the other hand, if you are there, then you will be notified and can check if it was a false alarm or if you do need police backup. 

Valuable Seconds

Most alarms and security precautions are only effective if you can hear them and respond to them. Back to base monitoring ensures that you will always know if something is happening at your home (or business) at the exact moment your alarms are triggered. Sometimes this might only give you a few extra seconds to respond, other times it will give you minutes, if not more. Whatever it may be, it can be the difference between thousands of dollars worth of damage and potential harm, or a hostile situation avoided thanks to a quick response. 


29 September 2021

Teaching my kids about security

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