Does Your Business Need a Video Entry Phone?


Business security doesn't just protect your premises and your assets, it also keeps your staff safe. You want to make sure that people can't get into your offices without permission. If you're looking for ways to improve your entrance security system, then installing a video entry phone is an option worth considering. What are the benefits?

Keep Out Unwanted Visitors

A video entry phone lets you see who wants to come into your building. Visitors buzz in when they arrive, and you can see who they are through the video system. If you know the visitor or are expecting them, then you can simply open the door remotely from your desk.

If you have an unexpected visitor and you aren't sure who they are, you can use the entry phone to ask why they want to come into your office. You can also use the video system to check IDs if you need to. If someone does try to come in, and you don't want to let them, you simply don't open the door.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

Your staff benefits from video entry phones in a couple of ways. First, they don't have to go to and from the door to let people in whenever they ring your bell. Having to constantly leave your desk to open the door is irritating. This time also adds up from a productivity perspective and interrupts your employees when they are trying to work.

With video entry, someone just has to pick up the phone, look at the screen, and buzz the door open. They don't need to leave their desk. 

Your employees will also appreciate feeling safer at work. If an intruder was trying to get into your building and one of your employees had to go down to open the door, then they may get upset or even hurt if the intruder turns nasty and forces their way in. 

It's also easier to get employees to work late or at weekends if they feel safer in the building. Even if one of your employees is working alone, they'll feel better if they know that nobody can come in unless they let them in. Plus, they know they can see visitors and check them out before they open the door.

Not all video entry phone systems are the same, so it's important to look at all your options before you decide which one to use. To make things easier, talk to local security companies and ask their advice. They can show you options for business security systems and explain which ones will best suit your building.


26 October 2018

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