4 Services Offered By a Security Company


Modern security companies offer a wide range of services beyond just guarding a location. The highly trained employees of a security company can meet the needs of your business. Below is a guide to some of the services offered by a security company.

Event Security 

If you are planning to host an event such as a music festival or trade show, you will have to deal with large numbers of people entering a location. Security staff can maintain order as people stand in line to enter the event, they can check tickets and perform bag checks to ensure that no contraband is brought onsite. In the event of an emergency, security staff can help to direct people to exit points and can also render basic first aid.

Armed Guard

If you need to transport VIPs who may be at risk of kidnap or valuable goods such as gold or precious artwork, a private security company can provide fully trained and licensed armed guards. These guards are trained to defend their client within the bounds of the law, and will only open fire if there is a direct threat to life.

Retail Security

If you own a large retail property, you will understand the threat posed by shoplifters. While the incidence of other types of crime such as murder have generally decreased, the rates of shoplifting have remained stubbornly high. A security company can provide a number of trained staff who can help to protect your store. Uniformed staff stood at the entrance, and exit points can provide a visual deterrent to anyone planning to target your store, while plainclothes undercover store detectives can monitor any suspicious activity which is occurring within the shop.

Site Monitoring

If you have a site which will be left overnight or for extended periods with no staff present, you may wish to request site monitoring services from a security company. Site monitoring involves using a combination of high-tech alarms and CCTV to monitor any activity which takes place during a specified period. If any illegal activity is detected, security staff will alert the police and will also the attend the site themselves.

If you would like to find out more about the many services offered by a security company, you should make contact with a local provider, like Zagame Security. The staff will be happy to discuss your particular security needs before offering the best solution.


3 January 2018

Teaching my kids about security

At work we do lots of work on making sure the office stays safe. I try and teach some of those same lessons to the kids, like making sure we don't leave windows and doors open and that we lock the car doors when we come into the house. I don't want my kids to grow up paranoid, but I know it's much easier to maintain our home security if all of these little checks are automatic. I am keeping a track of all of the things I am teaching my kids about security on the site - and working out which lessons actually sink in! Read on and see how I'm going.