The Pros and Cons of Using Drug Detection Dogs at Events


Are you wondering whether you should get canine units to screen for drugs at an upcoming event that you are organising? Read on and discover some of the pros and cons of using drug detection dogs during such an event.

The Pros of Using Sniffer Dogs

High Mobility. Sniffer dogs can easily and quickly move from one part of the event venue to another section where suspected drug use could be taking place. This is unlike technological detection gadgets that cannot easily be disassembled for relocation to another place at the event venue.

Scent gradient analysis. Drugs detection dogs can pick up the weakest of scents and follow that scent to the source. The dog becomes more agitated as it approaches the point of origin of that odour. This ability makes the sniffer dogs an ideal detection mechanism for an event where it can be hard to use technological gadgets since they usually emit an alarm or signal once a scent is detected. They may not easily direct you towards the source of that scent.

Odour isolation. Canine detection also has the distinct advantage of being able to isolate specific odours from all other odours that may be present at your event venue. For instance, the dogs will identify any drugs present even when someone has tried to mask the scent of those drugs by hiding them inside another substance. All the food, exhaust emissions, perfumes and other odours cannot hide the smell of drugs from sniffer dogs. You will, therefore, be able to deny entry to people who have consumed or are carrying drugs.

The Drawbacks of Using Sniffer Dogs

Short peak performance sessions. Sniffer dogs may need to take a break after an hour or so of intense detection work. This can compel you to hire several canine units so that detection work can continue while some units are resting. Event management costs can go up due to these backup canine units.

Unconscious influence by handlers. Dogs are very good at taking cues from their handlers. For instance, the sniffer dog may not pay sufficient attention to someone in case it detects that its handler isn't regarding that person as a suspicious person. This unconscious influence can result in some drugs being smuggled into the venue by those that were viewed positively by the handlers.

All in all, the performance of drugs detection dogs over time has shown that they are a key ally in the fight against drugs. Find a reputable canine detection firm in your area that has sufficient resources to minimise any potential shortcomings inherent in the use of these sniffer dogs. You will then have no drug-use issues at your event.


6 July 2017

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