What You Should Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds


Keeping your home secure is paramount for most homeowners. Nevertheless, there will be some weak spots that burglars may use to take advantage of. One of the more common areas susceptible to break-ins are windows. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can secure your windows. The first would be to opt to use toughened glass panes that would be able to withstand high impact. Secondly, you should consider installing outdoor blinds for security purposes. Nevertheless, you will find that the assortment of outdoor blinds that are available to you can be overwhelming. Below are some of the things that you should consider when buying outdoor blinds.


One of the crucial aspects to consider when making a selection of outdoor blinds is the materials they have been made from. If your primary concern is security, then you should opt for blinds that would be difficult to break. A good option for this would be steel blinds. It should be noted that the continuous exposure to the elements could compromise the steel as the blinds could eventually start to corrode. It would be essential to engage in preventative maintenance measures such as powder coating or galvanising the blinds beforehand to keep them in good condition.

Another popular material that homeowners lean toward when choosing outdoor blinds is PVC. This material is commonly used for outdoor blinds as it is resistant to temperature changes as well as moisture. Once you have installed your PVC blinds, you can rest assured that they will not rust, warp or crack due to the elements. Although PVC may seem flimsy, it actual has a remarkable tensile strength. This means they can bend without having to break.


Another important aspect to keep in mind before installing outdoor blinds is their operation. Manually operated blinds may be more affordable, but you have to keep in mind that they would be easier to breach by burglars. This is why it would be in your best interests to consider automated blinds if security is one of your primary concerns. Automation makes it easier to operate blinds that are in hard to reach places. If you have high windows, a press of a button is all you would need to open and close them. Automated blinds also are harder to break into. Therefore, you can rest assured that if burglars cannot break the blinds, they will not be able to open them.


18 October 2016

Teaching my kids about security

At work we do lots of work on making sure the office stays safe. I try and teach some of those same lessons to the kids, like making sure we don't leave windows and doors open and that we lock the car doors when we come into the house. I don't want my kids to grow up paranoid, but I know it's much easier to maintain our home security if all of these little checks are automatic. I am keeping a track of all of the things I am teaching my kids about security on the site - and working out which lessons actually sink in! Read on and see how I'm going.