How to choose the best security system for your home


When it comes to the security of your home, you want to choose the best security systems that makes you feel safe. Choosing the right security system is, at times confusing, especially considering the wide variety of security systems. To choose the best security system for your home, it's important to consider the following categories of security systems.


Monitoring is the means by which your home security system is able to communicate with the monitoring center when there is a breach in your home. When you're choosing a security system, you want to be assured that it will communicate round the clock whenever there is an emergency. There are three ways a security system is able to contact the monitoring center.

They include a cellular, a landline and a broadband. You can chose a wireless land line connection, as it is less vulnerable. A cellular connection is also reliable. Its monitoring is considered faster than that of a landline. It does not rely on a telephone line, hence making it more secure. A broadband, on the other hand, sends a signal to the monitoring center through the internet connection. It is faster than both the landline and the cellular, as well as less expensive.


You can chose to install the security system on your own (DIY installation) or hire a professional to do it. When you chose a DIY installation service the security equipment is mailed to your home for you to install it. It has instructions on how to set it up without requiring professional help. The security system is wireless and easy to install, and it is very suitable if your home is a rental or if you change homes frequently.

A professional installation, on the other hand, will cost you an extra fee for the installation services. You may prefer this type of installation if you want your system to be hardwired. This way, you're sure the system is set up properly. However, you may also chose to install the wireless system and still hire a professional to do it for you. Professional installation saves on time, and it gives you confidence that the security system is installed properly.


A security system that is home automated allows you to control it remotely from a web enabled device like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With this kind of security system, you can easily arm and disarm your security system. You are also able to watch the live feed of your home surveillance. This gives you confidence that your home is safe even when you're not at home.

For more information about your options for home security systems, contact a local security company. 


25 November 2015

Teaching my kids about security

At work we do lots of work on making sure the office stays safe. I try and teach some of those same lessons to the kids, like making sure we don't leave windows and doors open and that we lock the car doors when we come into the house. I don't want my kids to grow up paranoid, but I know it's much easier to maintain our home security if all of these little checks are automatic. I am keeping a track of all of the things I am teaching my kids about security on the site - and working out which lessons actually sink in! Read on and see how I'm going.