4 Ideas For Your Security Window Screen Designs


Security window screens are becoming an increasingly common way to make homes a safer place to live in. If you're looking for your ideal security window screens, this article can help you familiarise yourself with the different alternatives available. Read on to find out about four of your options.

Mesh screens

The mesh window screen features a thin frame and minute holes. It serves in the same way as any other security screen. Made of high grade steel, the mesh is hard to cut or tear. It's affixed to its frame using screws which further makes it hard to remove. In addition to providing security, mesh screens also provide added privacy to your home.

It's hard for one to see through your windows even when the shutters or curtains are open. In addition to that, a mesh screen will also keep out bugs, pets and dust whenever you have your windows open.

Ordinary screens

The ordinary security screen features a solid framework of interwoven metal bars that provides robust protection to your home. This type of screen often features the chain-link design. Made of steel, it's tough and features multiple attachment points that make it hard to cut through. Its main focus is security. It doesn't offer as much privacy as the mesh but can be used with a shutter or blinds to avoid visibility from outside. The ordinary security screen, however, allows maximum light and cool air into your home when you have the windows open.

Decorative screens

The decorative security screen is a variation of the ordinary screen. Its main aim is to fuse functionality with aesthetics. If you would like to safeguard your windows without installing screens that stick out and ruin your curb appeal, this design is for you. Featuring beautiful frame designs, these screens may appear as a decorative window addition at first glance.

However, they also subtly offer formidable protection just like any other security screen. They are made from the same tough steel material and are permanently fixed onto the window framework.

Fire exit screens

For added functionality and safety, ask your supplier about fire exit screens. These are security screens that can be immobilized from the inside to ensure you have a means to escape should your premises catch fire. Fire exit screens are ideal in bedrooms but can be fitted in any other room as well. You can learn more about this and other options by contacting suppliers like Bonds Security Products.


19 May 2015

Teaching my kids about security

At work we do lots of work on making sure the office stays safe. I try and teach some of those same lessons to the kids, like making sure we don't leave windows and doors open and that we lock the car doors when we come into the house. I don't want my kids to grow up paranoid, but I know it's much easier to maintain our home security if all of these little checks are automatic. I am keeping a track of all of the things I am teaching my kids about security on the site - and working out which lessons actually sink in! Read on and see how I'm going.