Why Back To Base Alarm Monitoring Makes Sense For So Many Busy Households


The safety and security of your family is no doubt always going to be a priority no matter where you live or how busy you are. The problem with so many different types of alarms is that they have no human connection to interpret what they mean. An alarm is binary: if it senses something that it is told it should alert you to, then it will. Sometimes you need that extra layer of help that comes from back to base monitoring to make sure that everything is okay.

29 September 2021

Two pieces of information shop owners should give their new security guards


Here are two essential things a shop owner must tell any new security guards they hire. They should show them the products that shoplifters have targeted in the past When showing the new security guard around their shop, the owner should point out the products that shoplifters have chosen to steal in the past. This is important, as whilst many people assume that shoplifters will always aim to steal a shop's most expensive goods, in reality, they may opt for cheaper items that are, for example, in a corner of the shop that the staff at the checkouts cannot see, or they might target products that can they can easily resell on the black market.

1 March 2021